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Welcome to the best choice of all solar companies in Bakersfield.  At Competitive Choice Solar, we’re redefining solar services with a heart-centered approach. Our commitment to honesty, integrity, and our faith drives us to provide top-tier solar solutions without the sky-high costs. Lighting up Bakersfield’s homes with sustainable energy, our mission goes beyond profit – it’s about empowering families and communities. Join us in embracing the future, the Competitive Choice Solar way.

solar companies in Bakersfield


Solar Technology

solar companies in Bakersfield



solar companies in Bakersfield


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#1 solar installation company in Bakersfield.

At Competitive Choice Solar, we’re not just a solar installation company; we’re a commitment to values. Founded by Terry Thomas, a man driven by devotion to his faith, integrity, and a genuine desire to serve, we stand as the #1 choice among all Bakersfield solar installation companies. Beyond solar panels, we’re your partners in cultivating sustainable communities, powered by honesty and transparency.


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Affordable Solar Panels Installation in Bakersfield, CA
Local Solar Panels Installation Service in Bakersfield, CA

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Leadership Team

Meet the Leadership Team at Competitive Choice Solar, a dynamic collective dedicated to illuminating Bakersfield with affordable, efficient solar solutions. With their diverse expertise in the solar industry, they’re committed to optimizing green energy systems for the local community, shaping a brighter, more sustainable future for every household.

Terry Thomas

Terry Thomas


Terry Thomas

Terry Thomas


What our Clients Say

10+ years experience

Sharon M.

"We had lived in the same home for over 40 years without the benefit of air conditioning or Solar. In July of 2020, we moved into our brand new home. It wasn’t a question of whether or not to get Solar, it was a question of what company we were going to use. We spoke with several, but we were never invited into their business, nor did they ask to set up an appointment to talk with us further. We eventually got to Competitive Choice Solar. Terry offered to come to our home to discuss our needs and expectations. He came well prepared, discussed different options of solar panels, prices and warranties of the products. We talked about it and decided this was the perfect company to install our system. Terry and his crew began installation about three weeks later and within a few days the job was complete. They were friendly, efficient and cleaned up any traces that would let anyone know they were even there. Our savings began immediately! Every year we have had a credit applied to our PG&E bill. Terry even left room to add more panels if we needed them, but with our family of five, we are doing just fine.

I would definitely recommend Competitive Choice Solar to anyone looking for an honest, transparent, efficient solar installation company."

solar companies in Bakersfield
Jon M.
"When we purchased our new dream home in the summer of 2020, we had already decided we would purchase a solar power system. We received a bid from Competitive Choice Solar, and it was significantly cheaper than anyone else. So, with that bid and the word of mouth regarding Competitive Choice Solar that they did great professional installations, we decided they would install our system. It was one of the best financial decisions we have ever made! Not only did they do a professional, clean, and efficient installation, but our savings immediately began! Our monthly electric bills disappeared. We've had a total $100 dollars in "tru-up" bills in three years. Additionally, when you factor in the federal solar tax credit (26% of the cost of the system at that time and even a higher 30% now), in only three years, what our system has produced has already paid for our initial investment. That is no exaggeration; I actually did the calculations personally! The cool mySolarEdge app allows you to track what your system produces daily, monthly, and annually. For next 20 years or so, everything our system produces will be free! I cannot speak more highly of the owner, Terry Thomas, and his team. He is honest, fair, and professional. Do yourself a favor, DO NOT WAIT to get solar! Electricity is only going to get more expensive, and your time to begin saving is now. Whether you can pay cash or have to finance your system, better to pay off a loan with your monthly electric bill savings, than to pour your money down the drain with PG&E bill payments."
Dusty A.

"Our family had solar in the past based on Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) from other “reputable” solar companies. While the systems did function, they were undersized and did not meet the usage requirements for our family of 6. We did not realize any tangible benefit in our budget for having solar. We’re actually up-sold a secondary system (additional contract and permit etc which came at additional costs) by the same solar company.


When we purchased our home in 2019 we were honestly on the fence about adding solar due to this experience. A few of our friends had purchased solar and they recommended that we reconsider purchasing solar for our home.


After meeting with several solar companies and receiving quotes, it seemed like most of the them were concerned only with signing the contracts as we experienced in the past. This caused us to pause our search. We were wanting to make an investment that would payoff down the road for our family, but the high pressure to sign contracts caused us concern.


Competitive Choice Solar’s approach was refreshing. Terry presented his proposal and suggested that we entertain other quotes and do what was right for our family. In addition, they spent time sizing our system to meet our solar needs eliminating the need to revisit and up-sell  down the road. Ethics!!!


If you are looking for a company that will provide you with a quality solar system, at a competitive price, with ethical business practices then Competitive Choice Solar should be your last call.


Thank you Competitive Choice Solar for delivering on your commitment to provide a quality product, at a competitive price, with a project completed on-time!"


"We were very happy with our experience with Competitive Choice Solar. Terry gave us prices and warranty information on various panels. The installation was quick and clean. The estimated amount of panels was spot on. Since having solar, we haven’t had a true up and have turned our thermostat down each year. For our family of five, keeping everyone comfortable could be a challenge, but Competitive Choice Solar has made it easy. Also, cleaning the panels is very easy. Terry has also been available to answer any questions we’ve had. Best decision we’ve made!"

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